@Philt3r - Full Circle - E​.​P

by @Philt3r

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OMTAP Music Q and A

Lets talk about your upcoming release Full Circle,
Its a cool name what made you choose it?
'I started DJing with Hard style and full on Psytrance, until my mate Steve A introduced me to Techno and Minimal, up until then I never played anything below about 138 BPM! Steve also got me into Ableton and showed me how to produce a bit. It took me a long time to get this EP together and every time I sat down to do a bit psytrance is what came out. So the name Full Circle comes from me ending up back playing psytrance a lot more lately along with my Techno gigs.'

Did you have a particular sound or vibe in mind when writing this Ep?
'I wanted a proggy sound but also that classic Goa sound with vocals about the natural world rather than your typical aliens and consciousness psy samples.'

What type of album is this is your opinion?
'I’d say a prog psytrance heading to full on.'

Describe your studio and environment/s you use when producing music.
'I used to use loads of plugins but this EP was done with a straight up copy of Ableton Live Suite. Makes it super easy to get it mixed and any input from others. Most of it was done on the train or on a plane.'

What recording techniques did you use for this album, any particular elements you might like to comment on?
'On Irukandji Syndrome I wanted some really organic local sounds from around Port Douglas where I was living. So I rode my Harley up to the Daintree and recorded the frogs and cicadas and then used that as white noise and as the feed signal for the crazy glutting sounds you hear aunthood track.
Space Quakes has samples from a YouTube video about Space Quakes, crazy atmospheric anomalies.'

What is your favorite thing about this album?
'I played it at Squared Senses and hearing people yell your name out because they know its one of your own tracks is amazing. Shout out to the Squared Senses crew :)
Now that its done and being released I’m fired up to keep writing.'

What made you choose the album cover artist?
'My girlfriend Lucy is an art therapist and when I asked her about art work she told me about her friend Rosie Rose who they call the mandala queen! Rosie hand drew the mandala and Psychedelic Rainbow KaTgirl Super Star DJ added the words. Huge thanks to both of them.'

Who did your mastering were you happy with the results?
'It was a collaboration of a couple of legends of the Aussie scene. G-Man from Waveshaper audio did a great job of firstly showing me how get the levels in my projects setup in Ableton. He then did his amazing work and sent me the mixed down tracks. Then Michael Shannon from the Dragon Dreaming crew did the final mastering. I’m really happy with the way these tracks sound on big systems. When I played at Squared Senses on their massive rig I ran out on the dance floor to get the full effect.'

Tell us about the local party scene here. Do you draw much inspiration from the transformational gatherings you attend.
My life has been changed forever since going to Burning Seed in 2013. I met JJ and all the Alien Welcoming Committee crew and from there I’ve been playing festivals all over the country. JJ put me on to play at Psyland in 2014 and Ive played each year since, I love the crowd and how they react to crazy tracks I play like Rhianna’s Bitch Better Have My Money!
I even played a set on a full-scale pirate ship in the middle of the bush east of Perth last year!'

What made you choose OmTap Music for this release?
'JJ has always supported me and I was humbled when he asked if I would like to release this EP on his new label. Omtap is about the community and the music which is why I do this too so it was a perfect match.'

Do you plan to do an album launch or tour for this release?
'I’d love to do a tour but haven’t planned anything yet.'

Are there any other comments you want to include about the album?
'I’d like to thank Lucy for putting up with hours of me going over and over the same 8 bars and for showing me the Space Quakes videos on YouTube which were the inspiration to finish the EP, Russel Hore for vocal samples on Irukandji Syndrome, Rosie Rose for the artwork, KaTgirl for the Photoshop work, Gareth Hailey for the mix down, Michael Shannon for the mastering and my deadly legend G Munday for the wicked didge on Irukandji Syndrome and Monstrous Freak. And of course JJ for getting Omtap up and running and releasing my music.'


released August 22, 2016