Uncle Dunc - Tomorrow

by Uncle Dunc

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Lets talk about your upcoming release Tomorrow, Its a cool name what made you choose it? The final track on the previous album (Guardians of the Pasta Fort) is called And Then Tomorrow, so it kinda named itself

Did you have a particular sound or vibe in mind when writing this Album? "Not really, I wanted the album to flow between tracks but I didn't apply much constraint on sound/vibe, I just wrote what I wanted to listen to."

What type of album is this is your opinion? "Progressive psychedelic experimental dance music"

Describe your studio and environment/s you use when producing music. "I recorded this album in my bedroom, using Cubase a midi keyboard and a few guitars. I am a big fan of the synth Massive"

What recording techniques did you use for this album, any particular elements you might like to comment on? "I wrote this album in a similar manner to how I wrote my symphony (The Goat People's Accolade)"

Was there any particular instruments or sounds that were used alot in the making of the album? "I played a lot with Audio Damage's plugin Automaton, a sound ruiner, in combination with stereo delays"

What is your favourite thing about this album? "That is can be played seamlessly from start to finish"

What made you choose the album cover artist? "The artist (Josh Peisley) is a really good friend of mine who consistently makes incredible art"

Who did your mastering were you happy with the results? "I do the mastering for all my music, as I am determined to be self-sufficient with my music production"

Tell us about the local party scene here. Do you draw much inspiration from the transformational gatherings you attend? "Absolutely, a lot of big personal developments have been made at local transformational gatherings which have had massive impact on my music and how I create it"

What made you choose OmTap Music for this release? "The people running the label are absolutely delightful and I am a big fan of the work they do"

Do you plan to do an album launch or tour for this release? "I will do a combined launch party for both Tomorrow and my other album being released soon, called 7"

Are there any other comments you want to include about the album? "Not really, all in all the album came together really quickly and smoothly and was great fun to produce!"


released August 14, 2016

Cover Art - Josh Peisley